Outdoor Adventure

Stay connected in remote areas, share GPS locations, & send for help if you get into trouble.

International Travel

Avoid costly international plans by using goTenna to stay in touch with your fellow travelers.

Emergency Preparedness

Create a resilient backup communication network for emergency situations even if traditional networks are down.

Festivals & Crowds

When cell networks are overloaded, create group chats and drop pins for meeting spots.

Topographic Maps

View rich detail of the terrain around you. Great for outdoor adventures.

SMS Network Relay

Mesh users in your network connected to cell service can relay your message via SMS to your intended recipient.

Group Delivery Confirmation

Receive message confirmation in group chats of up to 6 users.

Location Tethering

Automatically send your location to a trusted contact every one, five, or ten minutes.

Free-form agnostic data

Up to 236-byte payload size and five transmissions per end-user per minute

Multiple Broadcast Options

Supports open broadcast, 1-to-1 encrypted, and group encrypted messaging

Seamless Mesh-Networking

Relays data between goTenna Mesh nodes

Simple Device Pairing

Manages Bluetooth-LE data interface for iOS and Android