goTenna and RISE:NYC

Small Business Resiliency Program

What is RISE:NYC?

RISE:NYC is a small business resiliency program, administered by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, that helps NYC small businesses adapt to and mitigate the impacts of natural disasters through innovative technologies. Through this program, goTenna will be distributing goTenna Mesh devices for free to eligible small businesses to increase their communications resiliency in the case of another emergency.


You are eligible to receive free goTenna Mesh devices through RISE:NYC if you:

  • Are a NYC small business and
  • Were operating during the time of Superstorm Sandy
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Why enroll?

  • It's FREE!
  • goTenna Mesh provides an easy-to-use backup communications systems for your team and community when cell or WiFi service is unreliable or unavailable
  • Be a part of the thousands of nodes that already exist in NYC in order to further leverage the existing mesh network
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RISE:NYC Small Business Stories

Cuisine By Claudette

We just wrapped up Phase 1 of the program where we distributed 4,000 devices to small businesses including Claudette’s. “If a storm hits or if we lose power,” Claudette’s son John predicted, “we will be better prepared because of goTenna.”


“Placing these devices in the hands of our people is so appealing, that’s why we are excited to participate in the RISE program. Even though the device is small, it grants us the power of the network. It allows us to literally carry the network on our backs.”


User-generated map of goTenna Mesh node locations

iPad with Mesh network map

goTenna Mesh

goTenna Mesh is an award-winning device that when connected to your smartphone allows you to send text messages and GPS locations when there is no cell or WiFi service. Plus, the device automatically relays messages through other devices extending its range.

goTenna Mesh device specs


rise-icons-mesh Created with Sketch.
Relay messages from device‑to‑device immediately and automatically
rise-icons-chat Created with Sketch.
Public broadcasts to anyone within range
rise-icons-confirmation Created with Sketch.
Delivery confirmation & message retry
rise-icons-gps Created with Sketch.
Share GPS locations on free offline maps
rise-icons-secure Created with Sketch.
Private, encrypted 1‑to‑1 & group messaging
rise-icons-relay Created with Sketch.
Anchor as a relay node in a strategic location